Stretch Film

Palletizing and unitizing the cargoes play an essential role in transportation. Companies should always use time-tested packing materials like a stretch film which come from the house of the branded manufacturer.


Organizations should always use heavy duty packing materials for wrapping irregular loads of cargoes, reams of paper bundles, film rolls, and heavy load cargoes.

It is worth to note that stretch film acts as a support material to loose or irregular loads of cargoes.

Unitization of pallets and transporting the cargoes to the final destination is a complicated process which consumes maximum time and space. Pallets are exposed to dangers of the seas, and if you do not palletize the cargo properly, they will get exposed to pilferage, damages and destructions.

If you are seriously concerned about the safety and security of the cargoes sent through pallets, all that you have to do is to purchase the cheaply priced stretch film through this site and use them immediately.

We specialize in manufacturing machine stretch film and use high-quality stretch wrap material like polyethylene. It is imperative to note that stretch wrapped materials that we use are stretchable and expandable products. You can unitize the pallets properly and transport the cargoes to the destination without the fears of damages or destructions when you start using.

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    Benefits of buying stretch film from our company

    We are a reputed stretch film manufacturing and distribution company headquartered in the city of the UK. We are famous within and outside the country and have branches throughout the world. Some of the other benefits a buyer who purchases products from our site are listed below:

    • Guaranteed on-time delivery We have well-maintained logistics trucks which will deliver the products on-time without delay. Customers have to fulfil certain conditions if they want to enjoy free day delivery.
    • Expansive network We are serving various types of prestigious clients and well-known brand in the country of the UK. We have branches spread throughout the country and also expanding our network to new horizons.
    • Cheaply priced products and exclusive discounts We always value our esteemed clients and offer bulk discounts and special offers when they purchase products from our e-commerce store. Customers can compare our prices with others and take the next course of action.

    We sell affordably priced expandable and flexible pallet wrap stretch film which comes with useful features. Companies can use this product while packing canned beverages, electronic items and wood and so on. It can be used on thousands of products comfortably.

    We have seen hundreds of satisfied customers in the past and still managing to surpass the expectations of new clients. We offer services round the clock and assist the online customers during selection and finalization of the contract.

    Furniture, medical products, carpets and doors can withstand the perils of the seas only when it is palletized professionally. Stretch films and edge protectors sold here will protect them from heavy losses or destructions. It keeps the cargoes tightly bound and safeguards them till they reach the final destination.

    There are lots of branded stretch-wraps like:

    Blown stretch film: This is nothing but thin-walled tube which comes with maximum load holding power.

    Cast stretch film: Cast extrusion is a process used for making cast stretch film. It has two-sided sling which securely holds the products till it reaches the final port.

    Note that the stretch film comes in various thickness and dimensions. If you want to get maximum information about this product, then you should get in touch with chat or customer support executives through this site or other traditional methods.

    Please call us on 0208 803 4181 to see how we can assist you